Why Mosaic?

Mosaic is a workflow optimization tool that supports the full life cycle of nurse-led projects from inception to final report. It offers tailored project plans that are accessible on the web and via an app, becoming an indispensable tool for nursing executives, researchers, educators and practitioners alike.

Reports and Templates

Generate reports such as Magnet Stories using pre-populated templates that draw data from your Project Profile and ongoing updates entered through the app.

Mobile Responsive

Utilize the Mosaic app to track project to-do’s, record completion status, and communicate with team members.

Project Profile

Create detailed “Project Profile” as the central homepage for your QI/EBP/Research project, and promote its visibility to colleagues and leadership.

Project Recognition

Run “QI Project of the Month” and other recognition programs, using streamlined process for nomination, announcement, and dissemination of awardee’s findings.

Analysis Tools

Decision-support tools for analyzing historical data, spotting trends, and supervising overall QI efforts to align with your institution’s priorities.

Project Dashboard

A “Project Dashboard” of past, current and upcoming QI projects across your institution, with KPIs at a glance and real-time status updates.


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